The way we eat —


We need to change the way we farm, the way we eat and the way we think if we as a civilization are going to survive the catastrophic impacts that climate change is already bringing to our people and to our planet.

The below is a multimedia story I worked on during my time at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to bring to life how climate change will affect the way we eat and the hidden costs of unsustainable food production. I led the creative direction as well as produced illustrations and animations for the story.

My contribution

Creative Direction

The team

1 × project manager
1 × photography coordinator
3 × editors
1 × illustrator
1 × animator
1 × web developer




The team's development resources were tied to other projects so we investigated and found a tool to produce multimedia stories without the need for a web developer. We were impressed by the immersive experience of a story we saw in the Washington Post on the Hong Kong Protests. After researching the technology stack used for its production we discovered that it was an open format called AMP Stories, so we decided to give it a try.

The tappable AMP format offers creative opportunities for storytelling with design flexibility that engages audiences. This enabled me to give our story a unique look, with custom illustrations and a special photography treatment aligned with AMP's visual style.

Sketching was key in my exploration process. A pen and paper allowed quick ideas to flow. For me it was really important that the illustrations had a good conceptual connotation, to reinforce the message we were trying to deliver. Editorial illustrations gave me a good source of inspiration, as they have the difficult task of visually attracting audiences to read a full article with just a single image.

AMP stories load quickly and provide users a smooth experience, especially on mobile devices. The animation was key to offer a dynamic experience along with the format. Once the illustrations were made I worked on looping background illustrations for the most important slides. When the whole graphics package was finished I produced the story in Makestories platform in three languages, a CMS to build and generate AMP stories.


After three weeks of production, on October 16th 2019, World Food Day, we launched the AMP multimedia story to promote during #COP25. The story had a huge success on Social Media and was also featured in Google Discover, reaching nearly 40.000 page views in less than 10 days.

Check it out!