The future is female —


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) celebrates women and girls all over the world who lift their communities up, and show the potential of what we can do. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we created a website to highlight how women’s ideas are transforming our world.

This is a project I worked on during my time at UNDP in the Digital Team formed by three Editors, a Photography Coordinator, and myself as a Visual Designer. I had the opportunity to lead the creative direction, coordinate the team, design and illustrate a strong and powerful storytelling web story.

My contribution

Creative Direction
Web Design
Icon Design

The team

1 × illustrator
1 × animator
3 × editors
1 × photography coordinator
1 × project manager
1 × web developer




There were three clear phases of the project that I worked on.

The first phase was ideation. We wanted to create something different, as the goal was to highlight women and innovation. After working on different concepts, we decided to use as a starting point, how women are often not known for doing the exact same things as men. To prove that, we did some research in innovation areas where women and men have worked, and found that most of our team knew who was the first man to go to space and even the name of the first animal to orbit the earth, but most of us did not know who was the first women to travel to space.

The second phase was testing. The idea was great, but we needed to test the concept, as the entry point of our website, and the user's results, would define the whole experience. We tested a number of people and confirmed our theory: Most of them did not know who was the first woman to travel to space.

The third phase was production. I designed the interface for the poll, the website and moved into illustration and animation. The result is the following.


We delivered a fun new website with a simple underlying structure. The platform engaged users with a poll to reaffirm women have often been forgotten when doing the exact same things as men. The story had a huge success and more than a thousand people answered the poll, serving as a great promotion tool to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019.

Check it out!