La Palestra —
Logo & Branding


La Palestra is a training center offering cured and personalized sessions to those looking for enhanced physical performance, better health and well-being.

Emphasizing functional training methods, their experts customize programs providing leading-edge physical training and therapy to help the clients achieve their goals.

The below is a solo project I had the opportunity to work on during the summer of 2018 as a freelance designer. I worked on conceptualizing the brand, designing the logo, establishing brand guidelines, producing branding applications and designing and producing the website.

My contribution

Logo Design
Branding Guidelines
Branding Applications
Web Design

The team

1 x Graphic Designer




Early ideas were visualized in quick pencil sketches to discuss possible directions of the creative search with the client. After creating two column concept lists, which always helps me go through creative processes, the idea of using a lighting bolt came in.
The client loved the concept, which represent energy, movement and dynamism and is well aligned with La Palestra's vision and mission.

I prepared a set of templates for company documents, including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, that reflect the brand identity in an elegant way. Also, I designed the website and produced it.

The client was also provided with a full set of guidelines for the logo and identity use, including color palettes, fonts, and placement.


Once the final version was approved, it was carefully tested in different resolutions, on multiple devices and surfaces to ensure that logo works effectively for various environments.

The final logo was completed in a flat minimalistic style aligned with the brand's identity and vision.